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Five paintings, ten life stories, ten souls meeting.

Five artists in Iran visualized their thoughts and feelings on the theme of freedom by painting half a canvas each.

The paintings were then brought to Sweden and finished by five Swedish artists.
By crossing cultural boundaries and building bridges between two countries, the women in-volved in this project created strong ties and an amazing level of empowerment.

With a total of seven Artdom exhibitions in Europe we attracted thousands of visitors.
The exhibition in London were hosted in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy of England.

Onfortunately, the Ministery of Culture in Iran banned the Artdom exhibition in Teheran.

The ban served as a grim reminder of the reality that female artists in Iran face, and only made us more determined to continue with the project.

Despite the obstacles, we reached about 20 million people online overnight.

The ban is a proof of how art and the subject of women’s rights are still seen as threats and how limited artists are in these countries.


Four of these Artdom artists in Iran came together and created the painting ”Woman”- a strong artwork that holds a message of protesting against women’s limited freedom.


Their courage and strength in wanting to change women’s situation inspired other artists to want to join Artdom.


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