Artdom matches two artists

from two countries and challenges them as a pair to share their perception about the same concept by creating one shared artwork


Women’s freedom of expression is still restricted in many countries around the world. Art has the unique power to carry a message across barriers, transcend languages, unite cultures and bypass any unjust laws.

Artdom aims to create a world where every woman is free to express herself, enabling art to flourish through female manifestation. It creates spaces where female artists can interact with and empower each other, and through their work, inspire others as well.

We bring together talented individuals driven by a desire to spread their message through artistic expression, thereby building bridges across international barriers, fostering global cooperation and empowering each other in the process.


Our goal is to amplify the voices of female artists everywhere.

Each year, we focus on two countries with contrasting level of  women’s rights. Artists, from different countries, work in pairs and create and complete artworks focusing on one topic.  

There is also a strong relationship and affinity between the six of ARTDOM’S chosen collaborative countries so far, considering geographical location and common history/conflicts:

Sweden, Norway, England (going west) versus Iran, Pakistan, India (going east).

Artdom 1


Artdom 2


Artdom 3


From 2016-2018, Artdom worked with 10 female artists from Sweden and Iran around the theme of “Freedom”. The Iranian artists painted half a canvas each and the Swedish artists finished the other half, resulting in 10 life stories complied visually into 5 collaborative artworks.

Since 2019-2021, Artdom Part 2 has curated a similar collaborative project between female artists in Norway and Pakistan, around the theme of “Feminism”. 11 female artists in Norway were paired with 11 female artists in Pakistan to create a total of 10 paintings and 1 sculpture.

The fruits of their labour have resulted in this exhibition that speaks a universal language which tran- scends nationalities, boundaries, cultures and differences.




Our nonprofit organisation Creative Changemakers is a platform for artists to

draw attention to the importance of human rights, finding ways to give women

a voice on a global scale through art and creativity.

By presenting the arts and other art-based methods we aim to build solidarity,

encouraging dialog, showing common experiences amongst women


We bring together talented individuals driven by a desire to spread their

messages to the world through artistic expression, thereby building bridges

across international barriers, inspiring global cooperation and empowering

each other.

The aim is through the message of Creative Changemakers becoming a

powerful force in helping to motivate artists, to develop a “change in vision”,

finding strategies for achieving their goal.