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Launching of Artdom 2 in Grand Hotel Oslo, opened by the Norwegian Minister of Culture, Abid Raja, attracting more than 2.500 visitors in 2021.

Launching of Artdom 1 & 2 in Sergelgatans Konsthall Stockholm, opened by the Swedish Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, attracting more than 3.500 visitors.

Exhibition 2021 in OSCAR studio&galleri Lillestrøm, Norway

Launching of Artdom 1 at Clarion Post, Gothenburg & Clarion Sign, Stockholm 2018


By crossing the cultural borders between different worlds we wish to create a strong connection and collaboration between those who participate. That increase the understanding between the different worlds. By creating contact between women artists living in different realities, under different conditions, in two very different worlds, we can make a collaboration on a level that the artists and other involved and interested did not think was possible! That will give the participants opportunities to develop strong relations that are helping and enriching.

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